Mindfulness is the practice of being present in each moment as it comes and goes in our day. In the present moment, we can be fully present for ourselves – our feelings, and our dreams. Mindfulness with ourselves increases awareness of feelings as they arise and fall, and helps us learn to respond to feelings rather than react from feelings underneath. And in this present moment, we can fully experience, and then savor moments of joy that arise rather than rush on by.

As you review 2017 and plan for 2018, consider engaging in an MBSR 8-week Class. MBSR Omaha will be offering 5 classes this Winter and Spring.

Jan 19- March 23 , Fridays 1-330pm at Evolve to Harmony
Jan 22-March 19, Mondays 6-830pm at Omaha Integrative Care

March 29-May17, Thursdays 6-830pm, at Evolve to Harmony
March 30-May18, Fridays 1-330pm at Omaha Integrative Care

AND: newest confirmed dates:
March 26-May14, Mondays 6-830pm at Yoga Now

For more info and to register contact Theresa at 402-322-2928 or theresa@mbsromaha.org

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