MBSR 8-week Class and Retreat

MBSR 8-week Class includes weekly class sessions, as well as a 6-hour silent teacher-led retreat. Weekly sessions include meditation training and practice; yoga training and practice; inquiry discussion; working with pleasant and unpleasant events; mindful communication, and an overview of the research. Additionally, we increase awareness of our stress reactivity patterns and our ability to respond to stressors rather than react in habitual ways. All practices are designed to increase present moment awareness.
The 6-hour silent retreat provides an opportunity to deepen our mindfulness practices.

Work-Based Mindfulness Program

Work-Based Mindfulness Program brings mindfulness practices into the workplace. The Work-Based Mindfulness (WBM) is the 8-week MBSR methodology modified for direct application in the workplace. This program consists of 8 one-hour weekly sessions plus a 2-hour retreat for staff to learn and practice mindfulness skills to reduce stress and improve effectiveness on the job. Skills taught and practiced include centering, meditation, and office yoga with a focus on reducing workplace stress. 

The Work-Based Mindfulness Program is offered in the greater Omaha area to a wide range of businesses including social service agencies, healthcare settings, and corporate offices. The WBM Program can be offered at the start of the day, lunchtime, or afternoon based on your organization's needs. We come to your workplace! Summary outcome data measuring level of stress, depression, anxiety, and productivity can be performed. 

The Work-Based Mindfulness program is currently being offered at One World Community Medical Center for lead medical staff. Staff are loving it!

Contact Dr. Theresa O'Halloran to discuss how we can develop this program for your workplace!                  402-322-2928 ~ 

Silent Mindfulness Retreat

Silent Mindfulness Retreat. In this 6-hour teacher-led retreat we will be tuning into ourselves amid silence. Attendees will be guided in mindfulness meditation, mindful yoga and other mindfulness practices. This retreat is open to those who have a personal meditation practice, and may be interested in a guided retreat experience. This retreat is well-suited for yoga students who have engaged in meditation training and want to deepen their practice.

See the Calendar for upcoming Retreat Day options.

Moving through Stuck Places
Mindfulness Retreat
A Livestream Retreat via Zoom
As we move into Spring, this is an opportunity to rest, reflect, and to move through some stuck places in your heart and mind.  Join us to engage in reflection, writing, meditation and gentle yoga practices. This retreat can provide a pause, and an opportunity to reflect on what's important in your life and how to move in that direction. Allow ease to flow into your heart!
Saturday March 27th, 2021, 830am-1230pm CST via ZOOM.
Fee: $50    (Reduced fee/Scholarships available)
Once you register, you'll receive the ZOOM link and password for our session.

Loving Kindness & Compassion Retreat:
A Healing Balm in Times of Stress
A Livestream Retreat via Zoom
We will explore and experience the power of Loving Kindness and Compassion through meditation and yoga practices to calm and heal our stress and worries. We are moving through an extended period of stress and change due to the Pandemic, economic challenges, and social and political instability.  Many feelings such as confusion, helplessness, fear, and worry may have become regular visitors as our concerns for ourselves, our loved ones and the world continue. We need respite. This retreat can provide a break, a healthy release and some needed self-care.
Saturday March 27th, 2020, 830am-1pm CST via ZOOM.
Fee: $50    (Reduced fee/Scholarships available)
 Once you register, you'll receive the ZOOM link and password for our session.
Bring greater peace and ease into your life!

Mindful Yoga & Meditation via Zoom. (New schedule coming in April 2021)

Mindful Yoga & Meditation is an opportunity to come together to move and meditate!  This class begins with some discussion of dharma,, yogic movement (asana) to awaken the body, and a 20-30 minute mindfulness meditation to bring awareness to the mind.   I hope you will join us in starting our week with a shared practice!

Moving Beyond Auto-Pilot Workshop

This 2.5 hour Moving Beyond Auto-Pilot workshop is an introduction to the MBSR stress model and practices. Participants engage in mindfulness practices, meditation, and yoga, as well as learn how stress develops and ways to learn to lessen our reactivity. Workshops are offered periodically in a variety of locations. Perfect for an organizational development workshop.

Mindfulness Skills For Helping Professionals

CEUs available.

Develop skills in using mindfulness methods to assist clients with anxiety, depression, pain and stress. We will review the science, engage in practice, and go home with tools you can implement on Monday.

Upcoming Classes

Mindfulness Classes: Winter 2021 - Spring 2021

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 8-Week Class
6-8 pm CST
March 2 - April 27, 2021
(Retreat: Saturday, April 18, 2021, 830am-230pm CST)
Everywhere via Zoom
RETREAT: Moving through Stuck Places - Mindfulness RetreatSaturday
830AM - 1230PM CST
March 27th, 2021Everywhere via Zoom

YOGA and Meditation 2021

Mindful Yoga & Meditation: Dharma talk, yoga & meditation New schedule announced in April 2021Live via ZOOM
Individualized In-Home Yoga Services
According to your scheduleVia Zoom or At your Location