Wisdom comes from within. We have all experienced that moment where we felt “in our bones” the right thing to do, the right words to say. Acting from this knowing within most often leads to right outcomes AND greater ease in our lives – less drama, less confusion and fewer hurt feelings. The voice of wisdom is always within us!

How do we increase the likelihood we will hear the voice of wisdom?

1. Moving more slowly and intentionally. When faced with a decision, pause before taking action or speaking. Pause, take a breath and notice what arises, and then act.
2. Bring awareness to the body. Our bodies are constantly speaking to us, if we’d only listen! When faced with a decision, we can pause, check-in with the body – noticing areas of tension, tightness, tingling, ease. We could pause to consider what the body is telling us and then act.
3. Practice mindfulness meditation. The regular practice of meditation helps us develop awareness of the present moment throughout our day. In the present moment, we can remember to move intentionally and to note what is being triggered in our bodies and minds. We increase the likelihood that we respond from a place of wisdom rather than react from our impulses.

Give 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation a try! Sit comfortably and follow your breath – IN and OUT. When you lose contact with your breath – just gently return.
See for yourself if you develop greater wisdom in action over time.

Peace, Theresa

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